Spread Like A Vyrus

We fight against ourselves and prevent our success, which is guaranteed when we hold everything within ourselves to achieve greatness. When you give to the world, the universe gives right back. And that is how you Visualize Your Real Universal Spirit.

Spread Like A Vyrus

Why do we put so much effort in giving our time and energy to an entity or corporation for the sake of living? We can provide for ourselves despite being unaware of it. To ensure a satisfactory lifestyle of having a place to stay, a vehicle to transport us to our desired location, and to hold onto a status we feel gives us value of success in our oh-so-happy little lives. Invisible shackles to a beast in which we give energy to flourish. A beast that will not die until unique individuals realize they are beasts themselves. Wait. Not beasts. Gods. Because a beast is meant to be tamed and it cannot survive unless it eats. A God does not need such a thing as it knows it IS the source.

One of the various exclusive art pieces from the LSD Collections.

With that bit of knowledge passed on, let me introduce you to someone who knew the power they had from an early age. He has been known as Ozzyoz Da Vyrus for the past 10 years because his art spreads like a virus. Too soon? No care is given, as this is the story of Oswald Charles Wallace, III, born in Queens, New York. 27 years old, and with an innate hustler mentality, the man started selling his art for $1 each at the innocent age of three. Asking his Pops to make copies for his inventory to sell gives a slight glimpse into the future of what the universe was created with this man. Entering grade school while living in Long Island, New York, he upped the price to $5 as he walked the halls with a binder full of his various artistic creations. This youngster understood the worth of his labor and the creativity he provided to the world. Something many of us don’t realize until late in our lives or when we are buried six feet into Mother Earth herself.

Master Roshi from Dragon Ball (Vyrus Graphics)

Entrepreneurship is not meant for those who expect a quick payout for a service or good they are providing. Nor is it intended for someone with a single-tracked mind who travels the same route home from work every day. People will know your moves better than Captain Falcon, and before you know it, you run into a dead end. While staying on Long Island, Ozzy had a studio set up in his room to create all sorts of media. Videography. Photography. Making beats along with music. If you had a mixtape that needed artwork, Ozzy was the guy to contact! There was once a time when he was employed at McDonald’s. After one night of hell, once the clubs let out, it was enough to spark something within Ozzy. Seeing drunk, rambunctious individuals from your neighborhood with the actions of a well-known stereotype is enough to command change within someone who is working for minimum wage and knows this shit ain’t it chief. Oswald Charles Wallace III quit his job after that night and never looked back. 

The transition from Long Island, New York, to Orlando, Florida, happened in August 2015, where Ozzy and his wife, Huey, currently reside. Constantly creating new art, repetitive comments from followers occurred, stating his artwork should be placed on a shirt. Not particularly interested in selling shirts due to the factoring overhead costs, but the non-stop comments, and questions were a clear sign from the universe of the actions needed to manifest what was to come. After driving two days around Orlando for a few hours, they found a company that could produce the quality of shirts they desired. After being told by seven different businesses they could not produce the shirts they wanted because there was too much color, The Sublimation Station was the only company able to meet the demands. The seed of what is now known as Vyrus Graphics took root on November 17, 2017, the night of Black Friday. 

Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros. (LSD Collections)

Fast forward to May 4–6, 2018. Irving, Texas. Kamehacon, a convention that encompassed everything in the Dragon Ball universe, premiered for the first time. Voice actors from the famed show were present, such as Eric Vale (Trunks), as well as various artists with their booths stationed throughout the vendor hall. Stationed in a small 10x10 booth (which felt like an 8x8) were Ozzy and his wife, Huey. This was their first convention, in which they were both attendees and vendors. Debuting merchandise for the first time at the convention, it was easy to see the uniqueness of the merchandise. Seeing the home of Master Roshi’s “Kame House” from Dragon Ball recreated as a pink trap house was a HUGE observation that stood out like the outfits from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. However, it was noticed that many of the anime characters that were drawn to Ozzy’s style reflected a touch of urbanist culture. Amongst the designs were characters wearing flashy jewelry, unique tattoos, machine guns, and the ability to see characters from a whole new perspective. Jagged lines, a flaw the artist expressed, which was an insecurity he was not proud of, became the foundation of the design for Vyrus Graphics. It gave the designs an unclean, gritty, street style that has never been seen before in the anime art world. Now, some have tried to copy his style of originality.

Poke'mon captured in LSD with DBZ elements

When the world seemed like it was caught in a Tsukuyomi genjutsu, a lack of interaction with others gave Ozzy-san time to enter the mental realm to create a new brand during February. A brand that would reflect his vision without any input from people to be “Unapologetically Me” is how it can be best described. Remixing different elements from anime and video games, such as a piece with Speed Racer and Mario racing in Miami with Kirby and a Gyrados posted on the side named, “Super Miami Speed Race”. Other pieces have more of a sexual tone to them, such as Princess Peach from “Super Mario Bros.” in an alluring pose while rocking a cursed mark “tattoo” on her left shoulder, referencing Sasuke Uchiha from “Naruto” while sitting on a pile of cash. Worried at the beginning of the response it would receive, Ozzy kept true to himself and went with the vision he had. He initially received criticism, as few understood what was the point of mixing various characters and why would it even be characters in the first place. But it didn’t take long for the idea to jump off. Chris Brown, a widely known R&B singer, purchased an art piece from Ozzy’s website. A catalyst that would propel what started as an idea into actual reality. A reality of color schemes to make someone feel their experiencing an acid trip. Thus, LSD Collections (Liquidity – Sex – Dreams), inspired by anime, money, sex, and dreams has been more than just a dream since its inception this year.

LSD Collection

            A lot of things in Ozzy’s life are parallel to that of a movie. Being versed with many talents allowed him many business opportunities to gather experience. Of course, with that comes trials that test an individual. At 16, his camera equipment was stolen by a stranger who tricked him. A $1000 invested camera which contained data for four other clients saved on the device. Once it was retrieved, no trace of the data was to be found. This was his most embarrassing moment to date as a business professional who failed his clients. Other moments in his life were less disconcerting. Like the time he got his teacher fired for being in one of his music videos. Another was renting out a mansion to shoot a music video and one of his friends stole an XBOX out of one of the many rooms located there. Stressed from that particular situation is what led him and Huey to meet. Ever since that occurrence, she has been by his side as a friend, wife, business partner, and mother to their daughter.

LSD Collection


Ozzy-san understands the power he holds to be a creative force in this world. His love for creating art has led him to encounter many individuals which paved a path for his success. His admiration and respect for Daquan Wiltshire led him to Kamehacon, which opened the door for him to meet Chris Slatosch, the creator of the event itself. The opportunity to create exclusive art for the second year of Kamehacon, which could be found on all four levels of the Las Colinas Convention Center like the bug Poke’mon in Viridian Forest. In addition, the buildup to the release of an original manga series named Addixtion 48, is currently a work in progress. Lastly, there is Annivette C7. A 2017 C7 Grand Sport Chevrolet Corvette with a custom decal by Wraps for Less will be revealed later this year and more.

When asked who inspires him, he responds, “Me. You have to know and learn how to motivate yourself. If you can’t do it for yourself, then whatever you’re pursuing is not for you. Yeah, there will be lonely times. Especially mentally. You have to learn to keep it going in your mind. You have to outdo yourself. Because there is no “competition” to compete with other than yourself.”

Ozzy’s journey is a testament to how the universe naturally unfolds for those who follow the path of least resistance. We fight against ourselves and prevent our success that is guaranteed when we hold everything within ourselves to achieve greatness. When you give to the world, the universe gives right back. And that is how you Visualize Your Real Universal Spirit.

Exclusive art pieces of the LSD Collection.

Vyrus Graphics

LSD Collection